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Support Materials for Understanding and Implementing the CMEC Program

We offer a variety of resources, including detailed programs of study, self-paced teacher training courses and webinars, printable guides for specific books and subjects, Parents’ Review articles that shed light on our objectives and methods, and more.

A quick view of some of our resources:

Our Getting Started Guide offers step-by-step guidance for those new to homeschooling, new to the Charlotte Mason method, or just new to the CMEC.

Our General Resources cover the key components of a Charlotte Mason education, including narration, notebooks, and exams, as well as detailed help for using timetables and logbooks.

Our self-paced courses weave immersions and work assignments into focused instruction.

On our subject-specific resource pages, we collect the most helpful Parents’ Review articles, provide suggestions for implementing the subject, and feature CMEC student work.

Each year we offer a variety of Subject Guides and Book Guides to simplify implementation of our program: background information, helpful teacher hints, suggestions for "captain ideas," playlists, curated links and maps, and more.

Our resources are living, broad, and balanced, just like our curriculum. We aim to provide the kind of guidance that leads to greater understanding and confidence in parents. By offering our families an overall education in the philosophy and the methods rather than specific lesson plans for each day, we have seen them thrive—their implementation of the Mason program feels joyful and natural.

Our Form Guide provides an overview for the year, our Subject and Book Guides offer week-by-week ideas, and our Resource pages collect subject-specific articles and webinars. We pair these print resources with ongoing education in the form of live retreats, online courses, and meetings in community with other parent-teachers.

Through this combination, families are equipped with the "high thinking" that makes "plain living" possible in the day to day.

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What members say about our resources...


"The resources have been invaluable to our homeschool this year. I have been able to approach each subject with confidence and excitement because of these guides. We welcomed our 7th baby in the fall; having this support in place made for a much simpler transition into our school year."

– Kendra

Accessible and Cheerful

"The resources offered have helped in teaching me more about the Charlotte Mason method. The subject guides have made it possible to teach subjects that I would struggle with ... I'm very grateful for the support provided and the cheerfulness of the team wanting to support me. I'm able to dig deeper into the CM method but I'm also able to spend more time with my family and less time preparing for school."

- Cassie

Thoughtful and Prepared

"The Summer Planning [Course] helped me to start our school year on firm footing. My children remarked soon into the year that it was our best year yet! I know that was mostly due to the CMEC and the thoughtful preparation the administrators poured into the program."

– Valerie

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